Air International 2022-05
T.Fish - Standing Guard
The USAF E-3 AWACS aircraft will eventually be replaced in the 2030s. A request for information was published in February 2022, calling for industry partners to offer solutions
Following defence cuts in 2011, just three of the UK RAF’s E-3D Sentry aircraft remained in service when they were finally decommissioned in 2021, down from an original fleet of seven
The USAF E-3 AWACS aircraft are between 40-45 years old and are experiencing increasing sustainability and maintenance issues
A NATO E-3A AWACS aircraft used to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the NATO Alliance in 2019. Its AWACS force has two components that include the NATO E-3As flown out of Geilenkirchen by 1 and 2 Squadron and the Royal Air Force E-3D flown from RAF Waddington in the UK by 8 Squadron
The E-7A Wedgetail aircraft in service with the Royal Australian Air Force. The E-7A has also been selected by South Korea, Turkey and the UK to meet their future AWACS capability requirements