Air International 2022-12
C.Lucchesi - Dawn of tropical robot war
Received on May 3, 2022, the six American-built ScanEagles are operated by the 1st Squadron of Remotely Piloted Aircraft (EsqdQE-1) of the Brazilian Navy, a new, UAV-dedicated air unit, activated on July 5 and based at Sao Pedro d’Aldeia air-naval base (BAeNSPA), Rio de Janeiro State
A close-up view of the image sensor on the nose of the Brazilian Navy’s UAV ScanEagle
Interior views of the Brazilian Navy’s ScanEagle UAV control centre inside the portable container
An exterior view of the Brazilian Navy’s ScanEagle UAV control container, at BAeNSPA. The control unit is highly mobile and can be quickly loaded on to Brazilian Navy ships for onboard operation of UAVs on the high seas
The Brazilian Air Force’s four Israeli-built Elbit Hermes RQ-450 are operated by the 1st Squadron of the 12th Aviation Group (1º/12º GAV) in Santa Cruz Air Base, in the ISTAR role
The first prototype of the Nauru 1000C UAV, the ISTAR military version acquired by the Brazilian Army, at the XMobots plant in Sao Carlos city. The UCAV is being developed from this model, which will be armed with the MBDA Enforcer missile
XMobots is the largest UAV/drone manufacturer in Latin America
Testing of the ISTAR UAV Nauru 1000C’s full movement sensors pod takes place in the R&D centre at the XMobots plant