Air International 1981-04
E.Brown - Das Grossflugboot Wiking /Viewed from the Cockpit/
The prototype BV 222 V1 seen during its initial flight test programme in the autumn of 1940.
Powered by six 207C engines, an early BV 222 Wiking in transport configuration. Note: shapely contours of the bow, keel and hull
An operational BV 222A formating on a sister ship.
The third of the big Blohm und Voss 'boats, BV 222 V3, bearing the codes DM+SD prior to delivery from Finkenwerder.
A close-up of BV 222 V4, the first pre-production A-series Wiking, bearing the emblem of LTS See 222.
The BV 222 V2, the second example completed, bearing the codes X4+BH at Biscarosse in 1942.
The fourth BV 222A-0 airframe fitted with Jumo 207C Diesel engines as the BV 222 V7, the prototype for the C-series.
One of the small number of C-series boats completed, showing the gun turret just inboard of the outer nacelle on the port wing.
7 сентября 1940г.: капитан Хельмут Родиг впервые поднял в воздух шестимоторную летающую лодку Blohm und Voss BV 222 Wiking
The BV222 V1, registered D-ANTE, lifts off the River Elbe at Finkenwerder on an early - possibly the first - test flight.
Close-up of an anonymous BV 222A in Luftwaffe service, showing the 7,9-mm MG 81 machine gun in the bow turret that was later deleted from the A-series.
The last of the A-series 'boats, the V8, in service with LTS See 222.
Blohm und Voss BV 222 Wiking