Air International 1981-04
E.Brown - Das Grossflugboot Wiking /Viewed from the Cockpit/
7 сентября 1940г.: капитан Хельмут Родиг впервые поднял в воздух шестимоторную летающую лодку Blohm und Voss BV 222 Wiking
The BV222 V1, registered D-ANTE, lifts off the River Elbe at Finkenwerder on an early - possibly the first - test flight.
The prototype BV 222 V1 seen during its initial flight test programme in the autumn of 1940.
An operational BV 222A formating on a sister ship.
The BV 222 V2, the second example completed, bearing the codes X4+BH at Biscarosse in 1942.
The third of the big Blohm und Voss 'boats, BV 222 V3, bearing the codes DM+SD prior to delivery from Finkenwerder.
A close-up of BV 222 V4, the first pre-production A-series Wiking, bearing the emblem of LTS See 222.
The last of the A-series 'boats, the V8, in service with LTS See 222.
Close-up of an anonymous BV 222A in Luftwaffe service, showing the 7,9-mm MG 81 machine gun in the bow turret that was later deleted from the A-series.
The fourth BV 222A-0 airframe fitted with Jumo 207C Diesel engines as the BV 222 V7, the prototype for the C-series.
One of the small number of C-series boats completed, showing the gun turret just inboard of the outer nacelle on the port wing.
Blohm und Voss BV 222 Wiking