Air International 1981-04
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Fw 190D-9 of 1./JGr 10 (redesignation of Erprobungsgruppe 25) at Redlin, a satellite of Parchim, February 1945. Dark green and bright medium green upper surfaces with pale grey undersides, with medium green mottle on fuselage sides. Note early-type canopy.
Fw 190D-9 of II/JG 26 "Schlageter" at Nordhorn, near Osnabruck, January 1945. Single-tone dark green fuselage upper surface with dark green mottle over grey sides.
Fw190D-9 (Werk-Nr 210079) of 10./JG 54 which crash-landed at Wemmel, north­west of Brussels, on 1 January 1945. Medium green top and mottle on medium grey sides.
Fw 190D-9 of Stab/JG 4 at Babenhausen, early 1945. Note black-white-black "Defence of the Reich" rear fuselage striping signifying JG 4 and unusual pale grey fuselage sides of similar shade to wing undersurfaces. Medium green mottling on tail.
Fw 190D-9 of III/JG 2 "Richthofen" at Altenstadt, December 1944. Note unusual blue-grey upper surfaces with dark grey dapple.
Fw 190D-9 operated by one eskadril of an unidentified IAP of the Red Banner Baltic Fleet Air Force, V-VS, spring 1945, after capture at Marienburg, East Prussia. Note partial repainting leaving vestiges of aft fuselage band. Pale blue wing undersurfaces.