Air International 1984-02
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Douglas DC-3 (c/n 2036) PH-ASK "Kemphaan" of KLM in the neutrality colour scheme adopted in September 1939, before capture by the Luftwaffe in Norway.
C-47 of the Force Aerienne Beige with nose-mounted NASARR radar to train F-104G pilots.
Douglas C-49K (ex-DC-3-G202A NC30038, c/n 6340) serving October 1943 with North Atlantic Wing, Air Transport Command.
In natural metal finish, and with signs of previous airline use still discernible, C-47 serial 816 of the Egyptian Air Force.
Dakota III (C-47A c/n 9325) of No 267 Squadron, RAF, in 1944, when operating from Araxos airstrip, Greece.
In service with Israel Inland Airlines Arkia, this Douglas C-47 carries markings for operation during the Suez campaign, 1956.
Dakota IIIU serial 960 (c/n 12267 ex-USAAF 42-92464) of RCAF 9(T) Group at Vancouver, 1950.
Dakota IV serial 6892 serving in 1983 with No 44 Squadron of the South African Air Force, based at Swartkop.
DC-3 N54542 was built as a C-47B and served with CBS and Outboard Marine Corporation before being acquired by the Experimental Aircraft Association.
A ski-equipped C-47 of the 1st Escuadron Antarctico, Fuerza Aerea Argentina, based at Marambio.
Douglas R4D-8 (Super DC-3) in US Navy service at China Lake, with revised tail unit and nacelles.
The Conroy-developed Tri-Turbo 3, a DC-3 re-engined with three Pratt & Whit­ney PT6A-45 turboprops.