Air International 1984-08
J.Fricker - Breathless Moments
One of the Douglas C-47B Dakota Mk 3s of No 1 Parachute Training School at RAF Upper Heyford in mid-1947.
Some breathless moments for a training stick from one of the Parachute Training School's Dakotas. The first student out is carrying a 60-lb (27-kg) kitbag strapped to his leg, which is causing an uncharacteristic (and highly undesirable) somersault in the slipstream. The canopy-last deployment sequence of the X-Type Statichute is graphically shown in this photograph, in which the rigging lines have just reached their full extension and are about to pull the parachute canopy from its bag stowage. Bags and strops from two previous jumpers in the stick are trailing from the door, from which the student (an RAF nursing sister) is holding a textbook exit position.
A Handley Page Halifax A Mk 9 of the type used in 1947 for parachute training and troop exercises at the School of Air Support, Old Sarum.