Air International 1985-04
Fighter A to Z
The Loening PA-1 of which only two prototypes were built, flight testing commencing in 1922.
Lohner Type 111.03 - третий в серии Type AA, первый полет выполнил 28 июня 1917 года. От самолета Type 10.20B отличался конфигурацией расчалок, руля направления и шасси.
The Lohner 10.20A which was an extensive revision of the 10.20 that had suffered severe damage while undergoing test.
The Lohner 10.20B which possessed fundamentally similar wings and horizontal tail to those of the 10.20A.
Possessing an essentially similar fuselage to that of the last Typ AA biplane, the Typ A (111.04) triplane possessed unsatisfactory handling characteristics.