Air International 1985-10
P.Jackson - Tornado Comes on Fighting
ZD901 displays its four semi-recessed Sky Flash AAMs under the fuselage as it gets airborne in afterburner.
With wings in the forward sweep position, a Tornado F Mk 2 breaks off from behind the photographic Lockheed Hercules.
The first two Tornado F Mk 2s delivered to No 229 OCU at RAF Coningsby were ZD901 "AA" and ZD903 ”AB" - both dual control aircraft from the first production batch, with RB.199 Mk 103 engines and short tail pipes.
The F Mk 2 ZD906 "AN” in front of one of the Phase 3 Hardened Aircraft Shelters (HAS) at Coningsby.
Most OCU flying takes place at present with the Tornado F Mk 2s in “clean” configuration, although the wing pylons are retained. Weaponry training will be concentrated at Akrotiri in Cyprus and Decimomannu in Sardinia.
One of No 229’s first Tornado F Mk 2s on display at Coningsby, together with its armament of two AIM-9L Sidewinders and four Sky Flash AAMs, plus the 27-mm IWKA-Mauser cannon, shown (inset) in more detail.
Four of the OCU Tornado F Mk 2s on the flight line at Coningsby.
The No 229 OCU badge, comprising a crossed sword and Olympic torch.