Air International 1985-10
??? - Orlik ... A Polish Fledgeling
The first flying prototype of the Orlik (c/n 002) photographed during initial flight testing. The Orlik is the primary component of the so-called Kolegium System in which it is mated with a flight simulator and an electronic fault diagnosing device.
12 октября 1984г.: совершил первый полет самолет первоначального обучения с поршневым двигателем PZL-130 Orlik (SP-PCA), созданный под руководством Анджея Фридришевича.
The first flying prototype of the Orlik (SP-PCA) which initiated the flight test programme in October last year
The third flying prototype and the second to fly (SP-PCC) which entered test late December and was the example exhibited at Le Bourget.
The careful attention paid by the PZL team to the design of the engine cowling in order to minimise the drag of the radial air-cooled power plant is particularly apparent in this photograph of the third prototype Orlik. The levered-suspension undercarriage units with low-pressure tyres are noteworthy.
PZL-130 Orlik