Aeroplane Monthly 1986-06
P.Skinner - A ride in the Lancaster
RICHARD WINSLADE's colour plate was taken between Abingdon and Coningsby on March 28, 1984.
Left, three of the BBMF Lancaster's engines are Rolls-Royce Merlins; the starboard inner is a Packard Merlin, which tends to run on the hot side. Right, over the Grampians at 5,000ft in full Instrument Meteorological Conditions (IMC).
The author with members of the BBMF Lancaster crew in front of PA474. From left to right: Sqn Ldr Tony Banfield, the current CO of the BBMF, who acted as the Lancaster’s copilot on the trip; the author; Flt Lt Nigel Brown, the flight engineer, who works as an instructor at the Engineers' School at RAF Finningley; Sqn Ldr Tony Down, PA474’s navigator, who is a flight commander with Coningsby’s Phantom OCU; and the aircraft’s captain for the trip, Sqn Ldr Scott Anderson (now retired from the RAF), the former CO of the BBMF.
The BBMF Avro Lancaster is currently painted to represent an aircraft of 101 Squadron, which operated Lancasters from October 1942 until August 1946.
The BBMF Lancaster's forward flight deck, with the copilot’s seat folded back to show the access down to the bomb aimer and front turret area. The navigator stands behind the captain's seat with the engineer and his panel to the right of the picture.
Overflying RAF Leuchars, home of 111 Sqn, on the way up from RAF Coningsby to RAF Lossiemouth, left, followed by a thunder­ing fly-by up the main runway, right.
Run in and break, as seen through the pilot's blister, on arrival at RAF Lossiemouth. “Not quite fast jet stuff, but impressive all the same."