Aeroplane Monthly 1986-06
P.Chinnery - The Air War over Vietnam (6)
Lt JG Alan Greensburg nurses his flak-damaged A-4E Sky hawk back to the Bon Homme Richard on April 25, 1967. In addition to losing the rudder the A-4’s main undercarriage would not lower.
A line-up of VNAF C-47s at Tan Son Nhut Air Base. Near­est the camera is 1348491.
F-4B из эскадрильи VF-213 ВМС США атакует цель на территории ДРВ. Фото апреля 1967 г.
An F-4B Phantom from Fighter Squadron VF-213 off the Kitty Hawk releasing its bomb load over a target in North Vietnam on January 23, 1968.
Пожар на авианосце "Форрестол". 29 июля 1967 г.
Crew members fighting the disastrous fire on the Forrestal in July 1967. A Phantom burns in the foreground.
US Navy Lockheed OP-2E 51-31525 on a Project Igloo White mission over Laos. Igloo White involved the dropping of sensors along the Ho Chi Minh Trail to detect enemy movements.
An Army UH-1D delivers supplies to a troop-carrier of the Mobile Riverine Force in the Mekong Delta in July 1967.
Odd bedfellows. Two Skyraiders from the 6th SOS escort an HH-3E of the 37th ARRS on a rescue mission.
The first USAF General Dynamics F-111As over the Pacific en route to Vietnam for combat evaluation.