Air International 1986-02
J.Fricker - Flying the Fantrainer
Fresh from its first flight at Monchengladbach on 12 August, 1984, the initial production Rhein-Flugzeugbau Fantrainer 600 (c/n 001) reached Farnborough on 5 September, missing the first few days at the show.
Marked 98 + 76 for Luftwaffe evaluation in 1985, this is the Fantrainer 400 demonstrator D-EIWZ.
The first production Fantrainer 600 D-EATR arrives at Farnborough three weeks after making its maiden flight.
A production Fantrainer bearing German civil registration D-EIWK for pre-delivery flights in Germany
The Luftwaffe conducted its second evaluation of the Fantrainer in 1985, following a competitive fly-off against the Beech T-34C and Pilatus PC-7 in 1978. For the 1985 investigation, two Fantrainer 600s were used, marked 98+75 (D-EATR) and 98+77 (D-EATP), in addition to the FT400.
An example in the full finish and markings of the Royal Thai Air Force.
This vista of the Rhine from the rear seat of a Fantrainer shows the excellence of the view obtained over the shoulder of the forward occupant.
RFB Fantrainer 400/600