Air International 1986-02
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Bf 110G-2 of 5./ZG 76, a home defence unit operating from Wertheim in the autumn of 1943.
A Bf 110C-4 of 2./ZG 26 when operating from Argos, Greece, for the assault on Crete, May 1941.
Bf 110C-2 of the Stab l/ZG 2 at Darmstadt-Griesheim, April 1940, prior to the assault on France.
The Bf 110C-1 used by Rudolf Hess for his solo flight to Scotland on 10 May 1941.
Bf 110D-3 of l/NG 3 at Catania, Sicily, February 1941. The coding of LG 1 (from which unit formed) is retained.
Bf 110E-1 of an operational conversion unit at Deblin-Irena, Poland, 1942.
Bf 110E-1/R4 of 8./ZG 26 operating from Berea in September 1942 under Fliegerfiihrer Afrika.