Air International 1986-07
??? - Viking Variations
A Lockheed S-3B Viking, the updated, Harpoon-carrying version of the US Navy's standard anti-submarine aircraft.
The ability of the S-3B to carry the AGM-84B Harpoon air-to-surface missile gives the new variant a significant advantage over the Viking in its initial form, although a Harpoon capability had always been intended to be added.
Рекламный снимок первого S-3B в цветах Испытательного центра авиации ВМС, сделан после его первого полета в 1984 году. Важной была возможность работы с ПКР Harpoon.
One of the two Lockheed S-3B trials aircraft carrying a pair of AGM-84B Harpoon missiles.
An S-3A of VS-30 "Diamond Cutters"is cleared for take-off from USS Saratoga.
Vikings are now being repainted in the US Navy's overall grey finish with low visibility markings, as displayed by this S-3A of VS-38.
One of the two Lockheed S-3B trials aircraft
Although the dedicated KS-3A air-to-air refuelling tanker version of the Viking vim not adopted by the US Navy, a buddy-buddy system has been developed, using a wing-mounted hose drum unit, shown here undergoing flight testing.
S-3As from VS-38, the "Red Griffins", in old and new-style US Navy finish.
Lockheed S-3B Viking