Air Pictorial 1987-09
S.Stenersen, B.Olsen - Little Norway: Training Norwegian airmen in Canada in World War II (2)
The Norwegian training centre at Island Airport, Toronto, ready for an inspection in 1941. Seven Douglas 8A-5s can be seen with three Fairchild Cornells to the left
Future fighter ace Svein Heglund (right) planning a training flight with a student pilot. Posted to No. 331 (Norwegian) Squadron in early 1942, Heglund went on to become the top-scoring Norwegian fighter pilot in W.W.II, with 16 1/3 confirmed victories, was awarded the D.S.O., D.F.C. and Bar in addition to the highest Norwegian decorations, and after the war became head of the R. Norwegian A.F.'s Air Material Command, retiring with the rank of Major-General
Cornells at Muskoka in the summer of 1942. Known as "Lille Bergen" at this period, Muskoka later became the main Norwegian training centre in Canada
Cornells Nos. 163. 153, 141, 161 and 113 over Canada's beautiful Muskoka region, very similar to the Norwegian airmen's homeland
1/72nd-scale drawings of the Fairchild PT-26, PT-26A and PT-26B versions of the Cornell by Tom Arheim. Lower views show roundels of the post-war R. Norwegian A.F.