Air Enthusiast 2002-05
D.Darbyshire - Bobby's 'Aunties'
Paul Raasch with VH-BUV, VH-BUW and a ubiquitous DC-3 at Bahrain.
Gibbes Sepik Airways Ju 52 loading drums.
VH-BUV in New Guinea during its glory days of cargo/passenger flying for Gibbes Sepik Airways.
Former VH-BUV, later registered as VH- GSS, in its New Guinea heyday.
A familiar sight in the New Guinea highlands in the late 1950s: Gibbes Sepik Airways Ju 52 VH-BUW preparing for a flight, in this case at Kinijile.
Paul Raasch with VH-BUV, VH-BUW and a ubiquitous DC-3 at Bahrain.
'Auntie' VH-BUV en route to Nice.
Albin Ahrenberg, the eminent Swedish commercial flyer who owned the Ju 52s which Australian Bobby Gibbes bought.
VH-BUV is prepared for its long delivery flight to New Guinea at Brotnma Airport, Stockholm.
A group of engineers, including Carl Nilsson, who helped in the rebuild work, pictured at Bromma Airport, Stockholm, in january 1957.
Swedish flight engineer Iohann Jerdnell attending to one of VH-BUU's BMW's.
Local residents watching a run on an engine test-bed originally used for Australian license-built Pratt & Whitney engines.
Supply drop by a Gibbes Sepik Airways Ju 52 to a ground exploration party in the New Guinea highlands.
Reserve interior petrol tank for the long ferry flight in VH-BUV.
VH-BUW and the Qantas terminal/freight shed after an argument at Wau, New Guinea. This led to a major rebuild of the aircraft.
The former VH-BUV when as VH-GSH, it ground-looped at Baiyer River.
The remains of Ju 52s VH-BUV and VH-BUW at Port Adelaide in June 1962 for melting down by Brown's Scrap Metals in South Australia.