Air Pictorial 1992-03
??? - Come in F-4, your time is nearly up
The four-ship of Phantom FGR.2's from 19 Squadron over-fly Wattisham, with the "Blue-Bird" XT899/B in the slot.
An assortment of tail-markings, all representing 19 Squadron after the last four Phantoms from RAF Germany had arrived at Wattisham.
Phantom FGR.2 XV419 of 19 Squadron sports the recently adopted double letter codes of AA as it prepares to touch down at Wattisham.
"Blue Bird" Phantom FGR.2 XT899/B of 19 Squadron departs Wattisham for its undisclosed destination.
Phantom FGR.2 XT914/Z of 74 Squadron blasts away at Wattisham. This aircraft bears the motif of the Phantom Training Flight just forward of the roundel on the intake.
Two 56 Squadron Phantoms which had the narrowest of escapes over the North Sea last year. The port wing of XV420/O (right) sliced off the tail-fin top of XV438/T (below). Both aircraft made it back to Wattisham.