Air Pictorial 1992-03
??? - Our business is booming
With excellent all round visibility from the cockpit of the F-15, and the convenient location of the refuelling receptacle, 'hookups' are relatively easy. In the recent Gulf War the normally 'unsung heroes' of SAC's tanker fleet were vital in enabling vast numbers of combat aircraft to reach the war zone in a short space of time. As well as being on hand during strike missions, where the sight of a flying gas station was very welcome.
The Commander of the 32nd TFG from Soesterberg Air Base in the Netherlands, slides under the tail of "Quidd 54", in his suitably adorned F-15C. The fighters of the USAFE regularly carry out refuelling training missions with KC-135s of the European Tanker Task Force from Mildenhall.
Three members of "AK 11 Flight" hold station off the starboard wing of the KC-135, whilst their number four takes on 4,000 lbs of fuel on the boom.
One of the Dutch Air Force "Cobra Flight " F-16As from 323 Squadron, who 'bootlegged' the tanker for some refuelling practice. During this connection no fuel was transferred, the pilot simply using the opportunity of the KC-135 being close by to practise the manoeuvre.