Delft University of Technology Flying-V
Страна: Нидерланды
Год: 2020

The main cabin is mooted to be equipped in a ten-abreast configuration with a total width of 6.1m, which is wider than the Boeing 777X.
Following these early tests, the team intends to use the data to create an aerodynamic software model of the aircraft
Dutch flag carrier KLM has been a major partner of the project since last year
Project engineers say the next step is to provide the Flying-V with sustainable propulsion, taking into account that the design seems "highly suitable" for carrying liquid hydrogen instead of kerosene
The Dutch team has created a 22kg and 3m-wide scale model of the Flying-V
Engineers considered inter-engine clearance, the centre-of-gravity and aerodynamic interaction with the wing when deciding where to place the powerplants
Due to the low radius of curvature of the side arc, relatively large windows can be placed with a limited structural weight penalty
The height between the floor and the ceiling is 2.15m, comparable with that found on the lower deck of the Airbus A380
The cockpit of the aircraft is modelled on the flight deck of the Airbus A220
The Flying-V concept is supported by KLM.
A render of the sleek Flying-V. Designed to carry around the same number of passengers as the A350 and an equivalent amount of cargo, it could re-shape future flight
Windows are only located on one side of the cabin
Artist's impression of the Flying-V concept.
A technical layout of the aircraft cabin
A cross-section of the current design
The aircraft's design integrates the passenger cabin, the cargo hold and the fuel tanks in the wings, creating a spectacular V-shape