Cassut Special I
Страна: США
Год: 1954

Single-seat racing monoplane
First Australian-built Cassutt Special, being flown by its builder, Peter Furlong of Traralgon, Victoria
Many model building techniques went into the building of this Cassutt "Special" racer. Only a few years old, it is fast becoming one of the top contenders in the racing field. Like most of the midget racers, it too is powered by an 85 h.p. Continental engine. The wing tips are carved from solid balsa.
Formula I racing does not yet enjoy the support in Britain that it is given in the USA, but a start has been made. Pictured are the ill-fated Owl Racer (which crashed May 1971) leading a Cassutt Racer and a couple of Rollason Betas in one of the first UK Formula I events.