Jane's All the World Aircraft 1980
Encyclopedia of Aviation - Aircraft A-Z
Beriev M-12 (Be-12).
Avia 14.
Arado Ar.196.
Armstrong Whitworth Whitley Mk V.
Flight deck of a Whitley bomber.
Boeing B-17G Flying Fortresses.
Boeing B-29 Superfortress.
Bell X-1A being positioned beneath the B-29 motherplane.
Aviatik C.I.
BAe/Aerospatiale Concorde in British Airways livery.
BAe/Aerospatiale Concorde.
BAe (HS) AV-8A Harrier.
Beechcraft Bonanza V35B.
Beechcraft Bonanza A36.
Bell Model 206L LongRanger
Bell Model 206 JetRangers.
Bell Model 205L-1 LongRanger II.
Bell Model 212 Twin Two-Twelve
BAe (HS) Nimrod MR.1
Bell P-39 Airacobra.
BAC Lightning F.6 of No 23 Squadron RAF escorts a Soviet Bear.
Boeing Model 450/B-47 Stratojet.
Boeing Model 464/B-52G Stratofortress carrying SRAM missiles.
Royal Navy BAe Sea Harrier FRS.1s.
BAe (HS) Sea Harrier FRS.1.
BAe Sea Harrier FRS.1
Arsenal VG 90.
Martin B-57s.
Bell UH-1H Iroquois.
Bleriot XI monoplane.
BAe (HS) Trident 2E.
Bell HSL-1.
Beech AT-11 Kansan.
Beech Super 18.
Atlantic C-2A Question Mark, which set an endurance record in 1929 using flight refuelling.
BAC (English Electric) Canberra Mk 82 for Venezuela.
Bachem Ba 349 Natter.
Arsenal VB 10.
Armstrong Whitworth F.K.3.
Bird Innovator.
Armstrong Whitworth F.K.8.
Avia BH-33L.
Bell AH-1S HueyCobra.
Bell AH-1S HueyCobra.
Boeing Model 266/P-26A (foreground} with a Boeing-Stearman Kaydet.
Armstrong Whitworth A.W.650 Argosy flown by Riddle Airlines.
Blackburn Beverley.
BAe (HS) 748 Coastguarder.
Avro 504K.
Avro 504 fuselages awaiting assembly.
Avia B-534s.
Beechcraft T-34C-1s.
BAC VC10 in the former RAF Air Support Command livery.
Armstrong Whitworth F.K.10.
1909 A.V.Roe triplane in the Science Museum, London.
Alliott Verdon Roe with the Roe III.
Armstrong Whitworth Ensign.
Armstrong Whitworth Ensign
Armstrong Whitworth Siskin III with experimental low-drag cowling.
Arado Ar.95 landplane.
Armstrong Whitworth Scimitar.
Avro 707s flying with Vulcan prototype.
Avro 698 Vulcan B.2.
Armstrong Whitworth Argosy biplane.
BAC Lightning F.6 of No 23 Squadron RAF escorts a Soviet Bear.
BAC (English Electric) Lightning F.2A.
Avia BH-3.
James Bede in the camouflaged BD-5J Micro supplied for evaluation by the US military services
Partly completed fuselage of a BD-5 Micro.
Avia Av-135.
Beagle Pup.
Bell Model; 47G-2A.
Bell Model 47J-2A Ranger.
Bell Model 47B-3.
BAe (BAC) One-Eleven Series 320.
Aviatik D.I.
BAe (HS) 125s under construction,
BAe (HS) Hawk T.1s.
Boeing Model 247.
Blackburn Rocs.
Aviatik B.l.
Beechcraft King Air C90
Avro 694 Lincoln.
Beriev Be-10.
Armstrong Whitworth A.W.52
Avro 707s flying with Vulcan prototype.
Avro 706 Ashton.
During the summer of 1959, the first of the two Fairey FD.2 high speed research deltas, WD 774, was singled out for major modification to help with the high speed phase of Concorde wing development. Transferred from the RAE, Bedford to BAC's Filton facility, WD 774 underwent major surgery, to emerge four and a half years later as the BAC 221, as seen here at its roll-out. First flown in this guise with its new ogival wing on 1 May 1964, this machine returned to RAE, Bedford in May 1966, from where it continued to fly for the next eight and a half years.
Bell X-1A
Bell X-1A being positioned beneath the B-29 motherplane.
The two second generation Bell X-1s photographed at Edwards AFB Flight Test Centre. Overshadowed by their famous precursor, these two aircraft were to do so much in pushing outwards and upwards the boundaries of speed and altitude during the early half of the 1950s.Three of these X-1s had been built, the X-1A, the X-1B and the X-1D, the X-1C project never having materialised. By chance, the first of this trio to fly was the X-1D, on 24 July 1951, but its life was brief, ending just under a month later, on 22 August, when it was destroyed following an in-flight explosion. Happily, its pilot. Lt. Col. Frank Everest had time to scramble back aboard the EB-50 prior to the X-1D's release. For its part, the X-1A, 48.1384, went on to reach a maximum speed of Mach 2.44, or 1.650 mph on 12 December 1953 and climbed to 90,440 feet on 26 August 1954. Like the X-1D before it, the X-1A was ultimately to be jettisoned by its mother, on 8 August 1955, following a similar onboard explosion, the cause of which was eventually pinpointed, extraordinarily enough, as a chemical reaction between the liquid oxygen and Ulmer leather strapping used within the rocket fuel system.
Bell X-2.
Avions Fairey Firefly IIM.
Avions Fairey Fox VIC.
Blackburn Ripon IIA.
Auster 1 of 1942.
Auster 5
Portuguese Shark seaplane carrying six bombs underwing.
Avro Anson I.
Blackburn Skuas.
Armstrong Whitworth Albemarle prototype configured as a reconnaissance bomber.
Armstrong Whitworth Albemarle II troop carrier.
Avro Anson T.20.
Avro 685 York.
Avro 621 Tutor.
Beech D17S.
Bell YFM-1 Airacuda.
Bellanca 14-13 Cruisair.
Bellanca 14-19 Cruisemaster.
Bellanca 260C Model 14-19-3C.
Bellanca Super Viking.
Bellanca Model 77-140 Bomber seaplane.
Boeing Model 266/P-26A (foreground} with a Boeing-Stearman Kaydet.
Avro 688 Tudor 4B.
Blackburn Firebrand TF.4.
Bell P-59 Airacomet.
Bell Model 30s, in original and developed forms.
Arado Ar.234 Blitz prototype.
Beechcraft Baron 58TC.
Avro 696 Shackleton MR.3s in SAAF markings.
The Bell XV-3 convertiplane has made many flights with the twin rotors in the upright position but has yet to convert them for forward flight.
Bell Model 301 (XV-15).
Bell Model 222.
Beechcraft C-12A.
Aviation Traders/Vickers Vanguard Merchantman cargo conversion.
Bell Model 214
Bell Model 204B.
BAC Jet Provost T.5s.
Armstrong Whitworth Atlas trainer.
Armstrong Whitworth Awana.
Arrow Active Mk II.
Auster B.4.
Auster B.8 Agricola.
Auster J/1 Autocrat.
Auster J/4 Arrow.
Auster J/5B Autocar.
Auster Aiglet Trainer.
Aviation Traders ATL.90 Accountant.
Avro Type D undergoing trials as a seaplane.
Avro 500.
Drawing of the Avro Type F.
Avro 549 Aldershots.
Avro 555 Bison.
Avro 638 Club Cadet.
Beagle B.206.
Beagle Airedale
Auster (Beagle) D.6.
Bede BD-4.
Beechcraft Sierra 200.
Beechcraft Duke B60
Beechcraft Queen Air B80.
Beechcraft Skipper.
Beechcraft Model 99 Airliner.
Champion (Bellanca) Super Decathlon.
Champion (Bellanca) Citabria.
Champion (Bellanca) Super Decathlon.
Bensen B-8M Gyro-Copter.
Bensen Model B-8HD.
Bensen Model B-8W Hydro-Glider.
Bensen Model B-8MH Hover-Gyro.
Berliner-Joyce P-16/PB-1.
Blackburn Mercury.
Blackburn B-2.
Pre-production Blackburn Baffin.
Blackburn L.1B Bluebird III.
Blackburn Blackburn on board HMS Argus.
Blackburn Dart.
Armstrong Whitworth Atalanta, named Aurora in Indian Air Force service as DG454, wrongly applied as DC454.
Avions Fairey T.66 Tipsy Nipper Mk 2.
Bellanca Aries T-250.
BAe Bulldog T.1s.
Bell Model 412 advanced-technology, four-blade variant of the Model 212.
Aviamilano P.19 Scricciolo.
Berger BX-110.
Auster A0P.6.
Auster T.7.
Beagle Terrier Series 2.
A. V. Roe biplane.
Alliott Verdon Roe with his 1907 model aeroplane.
Bennett Airtruck.
Benoist Model E.17 flying-boat