Tipsy Nipper
Страна: Бельгия
Год: 1956

Single-seat ultra light monoplane
Jane's Encyclopedia of Aviation

Jane's Encyclopedia of Aviation

Nipper Mk III and IIIA (UK)
   Single-seat ultralight monoplanes powered by a 1.5 litre Rollason Ardem and 1.6 litre Ardem engine respectively (41 kW; 55 hp as the Ardem XI). Plans are available to amateur constructors.
Avions Fairey T.66 Tipsy Nipper Mk 2.
This view of the Tipsy Nipper show the excellent finish of the aircraft. The neatly-cowled Volkswagen engine drives the small-diameter propeller on a direct-drive shaft. The engine is gravity-fed from a tank situated immediately in front of the wind-screen.
The photograph shows some details of the simple, sturdy undercarriage, the mainwheels of which are equipped with brakes. The nosewheel is steerable and coupled with the rudder.
Fairey Tipsy Nipper OO-NIX differs from earlier models in having a closed-in cockpit and an experimental engine cowling.
Cobelavia Nipper D-158 in its latest form, with wingtip fuel tanks
Nipper Mk III.
Brian Turpin sent us this photo, taken at Elstree in 1961, showing the late Richard T. Riding holding the wing of David Greenland’s Tipsy Nipper while Derick Cobb swings the prop for student pilot Francis Newton, who was also to become a lifelong friend of Richard’s.
Nipper Mk III single-seat ultra-light aircraft (45 hp Rollason Ardem X engine)
Nipper Mk III single-seat ultra-light aircraft (45 hp Rollason Ardem X engine)
The Delhamende Nipper D-153
Tipsy Nipper G-ASXI, built at Gosselies in 1960 as OO-KOC, was VH-CGH before coming to the U.K.