Auster AOP.6
Auster - AOP.6 - 1945 - Великобритания
Страна: Великобритания
Год: 1945

Marshall MA-4
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Marshall MA-4

Marshall MA-4 - это самолет Auster T.Mk 7 с крылом увеличенного размаха и перфорацией для отвода пограничного слоя воздуха. Доработку машины выполнила компания "Marshalls" из Кембриджа.
  Крыло, элероны и закрылки самолета были снабжены всасывающими насосами, приводимыми в действие от вспомогательной газовой турбины, установленной под углом 45° в центральной части фюзеляжа. Насосы отводили пограничный слой воздуха с аэродинамических поверхностей. В 1966 году при выполнении испытательного пролета MA-4 разбился, погиб летчик-испытатель Брайан Уэсс.

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Auster AOP series (UK)
  AOP.6 was developed from the Mk 5 and powered by a 108 kW (115 hp) Gipsy Major 7 engine. Modified fuselage and increased all-up weight. All-metal auxiliary aerofoil flaps below and behind trailing edge, and wings strengthened to take two 52.25 litre (11.5 Imp gallon) fuel tanks. Pilot and observer seated in tandem. Lengthened landing-gear struts allowed larger airscrew. Production completed in 1949. T.7 was a two-seat trainer which could be quickly converted to full AOP standard. Side-by-side seating with dual controls. Third seat could be fitted. AOP.9 had a 134 kW (180 hp) Cirrus Bombardier 203 (military version of 702) engine.

Beagle A.61 Terrier (incl 6A Tugmaster) (UK)
  Produced by completely rebuilding and furnishing to new high standards ex-army Auster AOP.6 and T.7 monoplanes. The 6A Tugmaster and Terrier 1 were also rebuilt Auster Mk 6s, but to lower standards. First flight of a Terrier Series 2 was made on 25 April 1962. The type is a three-seat touring and training monoplane.
Auster 6
Auster 6A G-ARHM, Cranfield-based, visited Finmere 6/3/77 after a two-year rebuild;
Auster A0P.6.
Изображенный на снимке Auster AOP.Mk 6 готовится к перевозке самолетом Hastings из 511-й эскадрильи. Он оснащался громкоговорителями и использовался для психологических операций.
Auster 7
Auster T.7 WE569 (G-ASAJ), nearest the camera, follows AOP.6 TW536 (G-BNGE) during a training sortie over the Hampshire countryside prior to AOP 50.
One of two specially modified all-yellow Auster A.O.P. Mk.7s which are now on M.V. Theron heading towards the Antarctic.They will be used on the joint U.K./N.Z./Australian and South African trans-Antarctic expedition.
Auster T.7.
Two Auster T.7s lined up on the grass at Middle Wallop for AOP 50. The nearest aircraft VF526 has just completed a total rebuild by Ron Eastman, engineer with the Museum of Army Flying.
Shipped to Antarctica on board the research vessel Magga Dan - which left London on 15th November 1956 were the orange-and-black-painted de Havilland DHC-3 Otter (XL710) and the orange Auster AOP Mk. 7 (WE600). The latter accompanied the Antarctica expedition of the last winter.
"Deep-Freeze" aircraft are in the news and these photographs, Auster (photo) and Beaver, come from reader D. P. Woodhall, of New Zealand.
MA-4, получивший регистрацию VF 665, был переделан из прототипа самолета Auster T.Mk 7. Первый полет машина выполнила в 1958 году, но оказалась очень сложной в пилотировании.
Under Ministry contract, Marshall of Cambridge (Engineering) modified an Auster T Mk 7 to have a suction-type BLC system for high lift, developed at Cambridge University. Its early form is shown
Under Ministry contract, Marshall of Cambridge (Engineering) modified an Auster T Mk 7 to have a suction-type BLC system for high lift, developed at Cambridge University. Its final configuration is shown
One of the two Auster Mk. 7s now with the Trans-Antarctic Expedition, WE600, at Husvik Harbour, South Georgia.
Beagle Terrier
Beagle Terrier Series 2.
The BEAGLE Terrier - training touring aeroplane seating two or three people.