Aeroplane Monthly 1982-06
Rearsby /Gone but not forgotten/ (13)
Victims of the gale that hit Rearsby on March 17, 1947, were Autocrat G-AIBY and the Taylorcraft Plus D G-AHCH, both seen here on the roof of the Auster D.O.
Tiger Moth BD170 after repair at Rearsby, photographed on April 17, 1941.
The County Flying Club's Taylor Cub probably during the winter of 1937/38. This G-AEXZ being wheeled out at Rearsby, aircraft is still based in Leicestershire.
The County Flying Club's first Taylor Cub seen at Rearsby during the winter of 1938/39.
Auster B.8 Agricola, ZK-BMI, demonstrating its spraying capability at Rearsby in 1956. Only eight were built and ZK-BMI was dismantled at Rearsby in 1959.
The prototype Beagle A.109 Airedale G-ARKE surreptitiously photographed immediately after its first flight on April 16, 1961, at Rearsby.
Beagle D.5 CS-LEC.
The Auster “S” prototype WJ316 powered by a Cirrus Bombardier, seen at Rearsby in 1951.