Aeroplane Monthly 1982-03
Brooklands /Gone but not forgotten/ (12)
Kenneth Hunter was slightly injured when his S.E.5A G-EBQK crashed on the Brooklands track on July 10, 1927.
The first VC-10 took off from Brooklands on June 29, 1962.
The last Valiant, XD875, lifts off from Brooklands on August 27, 1957.
D. H. Tiger Moth G-AESA of the Brooklands Flying Club, is seen overtaking a species of Alfa Romeo at Brooklands in 1937.
The prototype Hawker Osprey S1677 underwent trials with a landplane undercarriage at Brooklands in 1931/32.
A panoramic view of Brooklands taken in May 1930 at the BARC Aerial Pageant. Note the Vickers Virginia dwarfing the small fry and the nine windsocks!
An ANEC III erected by T.B.Andre in 1926.
Tom Sopwith’s Sopwith-Wright biplane outside the Sopwith and Deperdussin sheds in 1912,
Mr. T. O. M. Sopwith began his career as a constructor by converting an American Wright biplane. The pilot was sheltered by a short nacelle placed to the right of the engine. Note chain drive to the twin airscrews.
The Sopwith Wright on which Hawker won the Michelin Cup by remaining aloft for more than eight hours.
A.V. Roe gives scale to his 40ft x 20ft shed and Roe 1 Biplane at Brooklands in 1908.