Aeroplane Monthly 1982-03
MH434/H-68 when she belly-landed there on May 7, 1949.
Syrian Spits. Sir, In the February 1980 issue of your magazine you mentioned some Mk 21 Spitfires going to Syria. The photograph above was taken in 1967 prior, I think, to the 6 Day War and shows one of 14 Spitfires located in Syria. Four were near Damascus and the other 10 were stored in the desert north of the city. I obtained the photograph from Bob Diemert of Carman, Manitoba who attempted to purchase all of the Spitfires, but with no success. Manitoba, Canada, NORMAN MALAYNEY
The Skyways Avro York, G-ALBX Sky Dominion, after it crashed into a field near Neustadt, Germany on June 19, 1949. Note the damage to the nose caused by pylon wires.