Aeroplane Monthly 1982-03
S.Appleby - On home-made wings
Appleby seated in a four-metre span Pou at Maux, France. Along the wing leading edge is written: “Le plus petit avion du monde” - the smallest aeroplane in the world.
Mr. S. V. Appleby took off from Heston aerodrome in his Carden-engined "Pou" -
The author's Flea G-ADMH in original form with uncowled Carden Ford engine.
Bereted Stephen Appleby at Lympne on December 5, 1935 just prior to his Channel flight.
Stephen Appleby crossing the English Channel in his Flea, G-ADMH, on December 5, 1935.
To say that Mr. S. V. Appleby had an escort on his Channel flight would do an injustice to his 70 m.p.h. Pou.
The author crosses the coast of France on his way to St Inglevert, where he landed 35min after leaving Lympne, Kent.
After modification by L. E. Baynes. Note lengthened wings and enclosed engine and radiator.
A signed photograph presented by Mignet to the author and inscribed, “To my old friend S. V. Appleby, who has just finished an HM8 ‘D’ and which flies perfectly. Souvenir of the Pou du Ciel”
Sir John Carden stands with the author and G-ADMH at Heston in 1935.
Appleby in his Flea G-ADMH at Heston in August 1935. Note the uncowled Carden Ford engine.
G-ADMH at Heston in 1935.
The author's HM8 “D” built at Nice in 1932 in its final form with 35 h.p. ABC Scorpion engine.
Appleby seated in the HM8 in its original form with 1,100cc Harley-Davidson engine.
The HM8 on floats entering Beaulieu harbour.