RAF - B.S.1 - 1913 - Великобритания
Страна: Великобритания
Год: 1913

Единственный экземпляр
Royal Aircraft Factory. Многоцелевые самолеты

   Еще одной ранней конструкцией был одноместный B.S.1 (Bleriot Scout). Самолет показал хорошие летные данные - максимальная скорость составляла 148 км/ч. B.S.1 разбился в марте 1913 года, потом его отремонтировали и доработали в B.S.2 (позже обозначение поменяли на S.E.2 - Scout Experimental).
B.S.1 (на фотографии в исходном варианте) был одним из первых самолетов-разведчиков Великобритании. Первый полет на нем выполнил в 1913 году Джеффри де Хэвилленд. Управление по крену осуществлялось методом гоширования.
Small but perfectly formed - the B.S.1 had exceptionally clean lines for its time and was remarkably compact, as the man standing in the shadows at the aircraft’s nose emphasises. The fairing of the lower wing root into the fuselage is well shown here, and the very small rudder and the absence of a fin are conspicuous.
The B.S.1 outside the Royal Aircraft Factory compound with the Gamma II airship, a spherical gas balloon, and the newly-built airship sheds providing a striking backdrop.
The centre-of-gravity diagram for the B.S.1 from Folland’s notebook; an early if rough impression of its appearance. The aim of minimising drag by having a clean, streamlined fuselage is apparent. Although de Havilland led the design, Folland was responsible for much of the detail work.
This detailed drawing of the B.S.1’s forward fuselage, dated October 2, 1912, shows the installation of the two-row Gnome rotary engine, the position of the fuel/oil tank and the location of the instruments and controls.
A revealing open side elevation of the B.S.1 by Royal Aircraft Factory draughtsmen. Although radius rods are shown on the undercarriage, they do not appear to have been fitted on the aircraft as built.
B.E.3; B.S.1; S.E.2 (1914 reconstruction)