Mosscraft MA-1
Страна: Великобритания
Год: 1937

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Two-seat light cabin monoplane
Flight, May 1937

Flight, May 1937

An Interesting Cabin Monoplane from Lancashire: Good Speed Range and Field of View

  SOME time ago it was learnt that a firm in Chorley (Lancashire) was going ahead with the construction of a light aeroplane from which an exceptional range of performance was expected. Very sensibly, the manufacturers - Moss Brothers Aircraft, Ltd. - did not wish to say anything about their production until the machine had actually flown and given its sponsors some idea of what it would do. Now that the Mess monoplane has been tested and is ready for Martlesham it is possible to give a few details of the machine, and although performance figures are not yet available, we learn that the cruising speed is rather better than 120 m.p.h.
  The original idea of the company was to produce a cabin machine at a reasonable price which would cruise at something well-over 100 m.p.h., yet land very slowly and provide as good a view for the pilot as is possible in a tractor machine. Initial trials have shown that the ideals have been largely achieved.
  In conformity with modern ideas, the machine is a low-wing, ply-covered monoplane with a single-spar wing and trailing edge flaps. The two occupants are seated in tandem with ample luggage space behind them. It is powered with a Pobjoy Niagara III of 95 h.p., and, carrying a useful load of 400 lb., the range should be 400-500 miles. A cantilever oleo-pneumatic undercarriage is fitted with the usual low-pressure wheels and brakes. The provisional price is ?750.
  The company concerned in this venture is an interesting one, since the five directors are all brothers and each one of them has had practical flying experience; two, in fact, have their "B" licences and Instructor's Certificate, and one, the eldest, holds Argentine, American and British licences with nine years' flying experience in these countries. Consequently, there should be little doubt that the machine will be practical in both design and performance. Their family business is, in fact, that of varnish manufacture, carried on by H. S. Moss and Co.
  The available dimensions and other figures for the Moss monoplane are as follows:
  Span 34ft., length 23ft., height 7ft., weight empty 860 lb., weight loaded 1,260 lb., fuel capacity 21 gallons, oil capacity 1 3/4 gallons.
Though quite conventional in appearance, the Moss monoplane certainly has very clean lines, and the tandem seating arrangement has a great deal to recommend it.
The Mosscraft Two-seat Light Cabin Monoplane (95 h.p. Pobjoy "Niagara" engine).
The Mosscraft Two-seat Light Cabin Monoplane (95 h.p. Pobjoy "Niagara" engine) with open cockpits.