Breda Ba.79
Страна: Италия
Год: 1936

Four-seat cabin monoplane
The Breda 79S Four-seat Light Cabin Monoplane (200 h.p. Alfa-Romeo 115 engine).
EFFICIENCY FROM MILAN: By the use of slots and flaps the Breda 79S, which is a four-seater cabin machine of 200 h.p., has an exceptionally wide speed range. The maximum is 162 m.p.h. and the stalling speed 47 m.p.h. The normal range is 560 miles, but the installation of special tanks increases this figure to more than 1,600 miles. The machine has an aerobatic licence and, in standard form, is electrically equipped.
COMFORT FROM ITALY: Inside the four-seater cabin of the Breda 79 S. A special effort has been made to provide plenty of room and effective adjustibility for the seats. Since the majority of Continental pilots fly with parachutes, both the doors and the cabin top have been designed so that they can, in emergency, be simultaneously removed by the movement of a single control. The width of the doors, incidentally, is notable. The 79 S cruises at 150 m.p.h. on 200 h.p.