Honningstad / Wilderoe C.5 Polar / Norge C
Страна: Норвегия
Год: 1948

Four-seat home-built light aircraft
Norge C four-seat light aircraft (260 hp Lycoming GO-435 engine)
The Norge C, provisionally registered LN-14, with its owner-builder. Mr. Finn Petter Berg, at Fornebu in 1960
The same aircraft, now LN-BWD, at Lillokilen in August 1970
Designed and built by Wideroe, the C-5 Polar LN-DBW is seen with test registration LN-11; it could also be filled with a wheel or ski undercarriage.
NORDIC SEA BOOTS. Reader L. Wilkins queries the size of Cub floats and whether many European aircraft are fitted with floats. The accompanying photograph should satisfy most flotation gear enthusiasts. Taken in 1950, near Oslo, the aircraft are (left to right) Noorduyn UC-64A Norseman (LN-PAE); Fairchild UC-61K Forwarder or Argus III (LN-HAO); the sole Norwegian Honningstad C-5 Norge (LN-DBW) and Piper L-4J Cub (LN-RAD) . The two black and white buoys were once German sea mines.