Cessna 620
Страна: США
Год: 1956

Единственный экземпляр
Cessna's Model 620, claimed to be the world 's first four-engine, pressurised executive transport, made its first flight on 11th August. Powered by four GSO-526-A Continental engines, each developing 320 h.p., the 620 will cruise at 235 m.p.h. and have a maximum speed of 269 m.p.h. Other details are: Span 55 ft., length 41 ft. 6 in ., and height 16 ft. 6 in.
CESSNA MODEL 620. One of the most significant trends in the United States during 1956 was the realisation of the first specifically-designed, pressurised business executive transport - the Cessna Model 620.
The Model 620 is the first four-motor transport designed by Cessna, which has its plant and facilities at Pawnee, Wichita, Kansas. Because of the greater runway length available, the nearby McConnell Air Force Base was selected by Chief Test Pilot V. Dale Westfall for ground and initial flight trials. Co-pilot was W. H. Stinson, who dealt with instrumentation. First flight: 11th August 1956.
Following the now familiar practice, Cessna has given the prototype N620E a three-colour exterior finish, which has the desired effect of making the relatively deep fuselage look slimmer and sleeker.
Every effort has been made to reduce frontal area in order to enhance performance over a wide speed range, and the Model 620 exploits the growing utilisation of wingtip tanks. The total tankage is 535 U.S. gallons, stored in the outer wing panels and tip-tanks. Pressurisation and air-conditioning is provided by an AiResearch gas turbine in the rear fuselage.
Interior layout will be subject to customer's requirements, and seating will be in the eight/ten-passenger plus two-crew category.