Peterson Skyline Super-V
Peterson - Skyline Super-V - 1957 - США
Страна: США
Год: 1957

Four-seat (Twin B is six-seat) Super Vee has smart cowl and fuselage cheat lines rarely applied to British-built business and touring aircraft. Note the usual "3-D" effect applied to starboard wing registration N2811V.
This view confirms the promise of the three-view in respect of the low frontal area nacelles. This recalls Beech Aircraft's sole attempt to develop a medium-size/range twenty-passenger (two/three-crew) transport. This was the Vee-tailed Model 34 Twin-Quad, Prototype, NX95021, flew for first time in 1947. This high-wing, 15,000-lb. a.u.w. transport incorporated the theoretically-ideal aerodynamic form of buried engines. Although superficially a two-motor craft the Twin-Quad (as name implies) had two side-by-side and coupled 375-h.p. Lycoming SO-580 flat-eights mounted inside the wing - thus achieving the tag "first in world to mount, etc., etc.". The Model 35 Bonanza flew a year before the Twin-Quad, in spring of 1946. In late 1944 the first of the Beech Veetails was flight-tested on a twin-engined advanced trainer, the AT-10 Wichita. This conversion was promptly dubbed the "Butterfly".