Страна: Польша
Год: 1929

Единственный экземпляр
A BELIEVER IN CONTROL SURFACES: This Polish PWS 8 biplane, with Walter "Vega" engine, is very reminiscent of the Handley Page "Gugnunc." The lift bracing is in the form of a single strut in the plane of the rear spars.
PWS-8. First flown in the autumn of 1929 the PWS-8 was a two/three-seat sports and touring biplane, powered by an 85-h.p, Czech Waiter Vega five-cylinder air-cooled radial, permitting a cruising speed of 80 m.p.h. for a range of 435 miles. The PWS-8 was not built in large numbers, but one, SP-ADA (illustrated), took part in the 1930 European Challenge Cup and Competition, "Rundflug". The seating consisted of pilot and one passenger in the rear open cockpit, and the second passenger in the front cockpit. Behind the rear cockpit was a capacious luggage compartment. The colour scheme of SP-ADA was all-silver with red trim on wings and fuselage and black lettering and PWS trade mark on the fin. Span 32 ft. 9 1/2in. (upper), 29ft, 6 in. (lower); length 24ft. 8 in.; height 9 ft. 8in.