Caudron C.430 Rafale
Caudron - C.430 Rafale - 1934 - Франция
Страна: Франция
Год: 1934

Flight, April 1934

Flight, April 1934


   NEW 100-km International Speed Record for light two-seater planes, weighing less than 560 kg (1,235 lb.) empty was established on the Etampes-la Marmogne course on March 31 last. Flying a new Caudron two-seater, low wing, "sport" monoplane, Raymond Delmotte, the Chief Pilot of that firm, accompanied by his mechanic, covered the course of 100 km (62 1/2 miles) in 20 min. 22 sec. at an average speed of 292 km/hr (181.4 m.p.h.), thus surpassing the existing international record of 269 1/2 km/hr (167 1/2 m.p.h.) made only on March 22 last by the Americans, Wright and Karl, who flew a "Monocoupe" monoplane (Warner "Scarab").
   The Caudron plane flown by Delmotte in establishing this new record was a machine that had just been completed and had only been undergoing its trial tests for about a week. It is derived from the single-seater machines built especially to compete in the Deutsch Cup Race and is of wooden construction throughout. The plane was equipped with a Renault "Bengali" 4-cylinder in line, inverted, air-cooled engine of 6,3 litres (385 cu. in.) cylinder displacement similar to the engine that was mounted on the Caudron single-seater plane that finished second in last year's Deutsch Cup Contest. This engine is rated at 130 h.p. with a maximum of 150 h.p. It was equipped in this recent record-making flight with a Ratier variable pitch propeller, adjustable in flight.
   The main data concerning the new Caudron monoplane are as follows: Length o.a., 7,1 tn (23 ft. 4 in.); wing span, 7,70 m (25 ft. 3 in.); wing area, 9 m" (98 sq. ft.); tare weight, 480 kg (1,058 lb.); fuel and oil, 130 kg (287 lb.); pilot and passenger, 180 kg (397 lb.); luggage 30 kg (66 lb.); gross weight, 820 kg (1,808 lb.); wing loading 90 kg/m2 (18.4 lb./sq. ft.); power loading, 6,3 kg (13.8 lb. per h.p.); max. speed, 305 km/hr (189.5 m.p.h.); cruising speed, 270 km/hr (168 m.p.h.); landing speed, 95 km/hr (59 m.p.h.).
The Caudron low-wing monoplane (150 h.p. Renault "Bengali") which has established a new record for two-seater light planes weighing less than 500 kg.
The Caudron "Rafale," which, piloted by Lacombe, won the Deauville-Cannes leg of the race and finished second in the final classification. This machine won "Les Douze Heures d'Angers."
VARIETY AT VINCENNES: The record-breaking Caudron "Rafale" low-wing monoplane
FIRST FOUR PLACES: The Caudron "Rafale" C.50 monoplane (140 h.p. Renault 4-cyl. in line inverted air-cooled engine), which, piloted by Lacombe, won the "12 Hours of Angers" contest. This type also secured second, third and fourth places in this contest.
Arnoux, the winner, stepping out of his Caudron "Rafale"
A general view from the opposite end of the Forum hall, with the Caudron monoplane on the left, the Russian machine on the right, and the Danish-built Hawker "Dantorp" beyond. Suspended from the roof is the Danish glider.