Curtiss-Wright CA-1 Commuter / Courtney Amphibian
Страна: США
Год: 1934
Летающая лодка

LATEST CURTISS-WRIGHT AMPHIBIAN: Designed by and built under the supervision of Capt. Frank Courtney, this new amphibian, constructed by the Curtiss Wright Co., has a top speed of 151 m.p.h. and cruises at 125 m.p.h. Three wheels are employed in the undercarriage, one wheel being in the nose of the hull. Thus the machine lands in the same position on land as on water. A Wright "Whirlwind" engine of 330 h.p. is mounted as a pusher some distance away from the propeller, which is driven by an extension shaft. Four passengers, a pilot, and 240 lb. of baggage are carried.
Designed in 1933: The Curtiss-Courtney amphibian had a retractable nose wheel as well as retractable main wheels. In addition to being almost buried while in flight, the nose wheel of the amphibian formed a useful fender when coming up to moorings.