Boeing Model 326 / Lindbergh Specification
Страна: США
Год: 1937
Летающая лодка (проект)

A model of the Boeing Model 326, possibly the most elegant of the 1937 designs for PanAm.
A SUPER, SUPER­CLIPPER: The interior of the 100-passenger transoceanic flying boat planned by the Boeing Aircraft Company for Pan-American Airways. The machine, if ordered, would resemble a scaled-up 314 with six engines built into the wing, a hull of improved aerodynamic form and retract­able wing floats.
Boeing's proposed Type 326 'Mega Clipper'. The design gross weight was 260,000lbs, with a wingspan of 250ft (76m) and an overall length of 195ft (59.4m). Powered by six liquid cooled engines, each rated at 2,500hp (1,865kW) for take-off, the aircraft was designed to carry up to 100 passengers and have a maximum range of 5,000 miles.
A three-view drawing of the Boeing Model 326.