Страна: International
Год: 2025

Airshow China saw the unveiling of a model of the C9X9, a new widebody airliner that will be jointly developed by China and Russia.
Модель пассажирского лайнера C929
Development of the CR929 will take place over the next decade, with the first deliveries planned for 2027. The CRJ929-600 will be the standard version with 280 seats and 6,480 nautical miles (12,000km) range.
A mock-up of the CRAIC CR929 airliner.
The forward fuselage mock-up of the new CR929 airliner was unveiled on the first day of the Zhuhai 2018 show.
A model of the Aero Engine Corporation of China’s AEF-3500 turbofan engine designed for CR929 airliner.
China-Russia Commercial Aircraft International Corporation Limited, a joint venture between Russia's United Aircraft Corporation and the Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China, will develop the CR929 widebody airliner.