Faradair BEHA-M1
Страна: Великобритания
Год: 2030

The triple box wing configuration on the Bio Electric Hybrid Aircraft is intended to provide slow-flying and high-lift capabilities.
Artist's impression of the 18-seat BEHA M1H.
The BEHA H1, designed for roles including passenger transport, is one of three principal variants of the aircraft.
Faradair aims to deliver 300 BEHAs by around the year 2030
A wide range of roles are envisaged for Faradair's BEHA, including military options, as this concept image of one operating from a Royal Navy Queen Elizabeth-class aircraft carrier suggests.
The UK start-up company Faradair is working on an autonomous variant of its BEHA M1 (Bio Electric Hybrid Aircraft) concept for aerial fire-fighting missions.
Faradair Aerospace plans to use a tanker version of its BEHA M1 to provide autonomous retardant delivery