Air International 2017-02
M.Ayton - Archangel: Crop Duster to Tank Buster /Military/
This shot shows an Archangel configured with a heavy payload comprising two pods carrying missile and radar warning sensors (outer pylons); a Roketsan CIRIT quad pack launcher; three GBU-12s; an IOMAX mission pod fitted with an MX-15Di imaging sensor; and two AGM-114 Hellfire missiles.
Note the array of antennas fitted to the Archangel aircraft.
New design features incorporated into the S2R-660-based include a sleeker nose profile and remodelled wing roots.
This shot shows the amount of space available to both aircrew in the Archangel's voluminous cockpit.
UAEAF Archangel serial number 2362 seen in the static display of the 2015 edition of the Dubai Air Show.
Measuring 9ft 8in (2.94m) long, the IOMAX modular pod was designed to house ELINT or SIGINT systems, a radar, datalinks and carry the MX-15Di imaging system as shown.
The Archangel has a straight constant chord wing making it structurally efficient and ideal for short take-off and landing operations: a requirement at the heart of its requirement as a crop duster.
One of ten IOMAX Border Patrol Aircraft (not an Archangel) in service with the Royal Jordanian Air Force. This example, serial number 1584, is loaded with two GBU-12 laser-guided bombs and the IOMAX mission pod fitted with an MX-15Di imaging system.
The aft cockpit comprises two 5x7-inch MFDs, a 17-inch display and an up front control panel.
The Archangel’s front cockpit features a SparrowHawk HUD, three 5x7-inch multi-function displays and an up front control panel.