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N.Graf - End of a Legend /Military/
The last QF-4E pilots pose in front of F-4E Phantom II 73-1167 AF-353 from left to right: Erik Void, Lt Col Ron King, and Jim Harkins, Jim Shreiner.
Memorabilia crowd the office used by Detachment 1, 82nd Aerial Targets Squadron.
The final six flightworthy QF-4E Phantom IIs; 74-1043 AF-338 (c/n 4825); 74-0645 AF-336 (c/n 4796); 74-0643/TD ‘82 ATRS’ AF-351 (c/n 4794); 74-1638/TD ‘82 ATRS' AF-349 (c/n 4874); 74-1625 AF-350 (c/n 4855); and 73-1167/TD '53 WEG' AF-353 (c/n 4679) on the 82nd ATRS flight line before the final flight on December 21,2016.
The final four QF-4E Phantom II Full Scale Aerial Target aircraft (74-0643/TD, 74-0645, 74-1043 and 74-1638/TD) performed a supersonic formation flyover to open the retirement ceremony for the type at Holloman Air Force Base on December 21,2016.
One of the last QF-4E Phantom II Full Scale Aereal Target drones sits on the ramp at Holloman during the retirement ceremonies in December 2016.
Jim Shreiner taxis 74-0645 AF-336 past the control tower at Holloman after the QF-4E Phantom II's Fini Flight