Air International 2017-02
D.Isby - Revolutionary Aircraft and an Electric Future /Technology/
The NASA GL-10 Greased Lightning during its tethered maiden flight.
NASA Langley developed the GL-10 Greased Lightning VTOL tilt-wing UAV demonstrator powered by ten electric engines, eight in the wing and two in the tail. The aircraft first flew in 2015.
NASA is planning to fly the Scalable Convergent Electric Propulsion Technology Operations Research aircraft in 2017. The aircraft has been designated the X-57 Maxwell.
Aurora Flight Science's LightningStrike uses 24 ducted fans, 18 in its tilting wing and six in two tilting forward canards.
Aurora's Excalibur UAV used hybrid power to combine VTOL capability with high-speed flight.
The Siemens 85kW electric motor installed on a Pipistrel WATTsUp aircraft
Slovenian aircraft manufacturer Pipistrel has built the two-seat WATTsUp aircraft powered by an 85kW Siemens electric motor and 17kWh battery pack