Air International 2015-07
D.Unwin - A Class of its Own /Commercial/
PC-12 HB-FVI is used by the Sauber Formula One team to fly drivers around Europe. The aircraft is seen here in 2012, when it was delivered, and is painted to represent the team’s car that year.
The PC-12’s rugged construction makes the aircraft ideal for Australia's Royal Flying Doctor Service, which operates over 30 examples.
A 1,32m x 1,35m rear fuselage cargo door is opened hydraulically and closed electrically.
Dexter Air Taxi uses a fleet of PC-12s for flights in Russia.
The PC-12 can take nine passengers over 1,800 nautical miles from short, unprepared runways.
A double trailing link main under­carriage and low-pressure tyres make the aircraft suited to unprepared landing strips.
The spacious cabin is 5.16m long, 1,52m wide and 1.45m tall.
Each pilot has a primary flight display and there are two multi-function displays, one each for systems and situational awareness
Each screen can be sub-divided into 1/6th, 1/3rd or 2/3rd sections to present different data, such as engine parameters or navigation information, in the same display.