Air International 2015-05
Main: Paramilitary
Huey N186SD in a training exercise off the Californian coast for the department’s dive teams.
The Orange County Sheriff Department Aviation Support Unit's crews have spent the past year getting to grips with the UH-1H, here flying alongside its two AS350 B2s.
Search and rescue for aircraft crash survivors is another role for the Huey, practised here during an exercise in the Southern Orange County.
The UH-1H is very stable and straightforward to fly, say Orange County Sheriff Department Aviation Support Unit pilots.
Supporting the Orange County Sheriff Department's dive teams is one of several Aviation Support Unit roles.
A Bo 105CBS takes off from Don Torcuato, 15 miles outside downtown Buenos Aires.
Good visibility from the Bo 105's cockpit makes it ideal for medevac operations in a busy city.
The Modena HEMS Bo 105s are fully equipped for medical evacuation and intensive care, carrying a medic and a stretcher.