Air International 2019-04
M.Broadbent - 787 /Commercial/
More than 70 airlines now operate the three Boeing 787 variants, the 787-8 depicted here as well as the larger 787-9 and 787-10.
Singapore Airlines was the first to introduce the third Dreamliner version, the 787-10.
Virgin Atlantic Airways 787-9 G-VCRU (c/n 37972) captured on departure from Heathrow.
China Southern Airlines 787-9 B-1168 (c/n 38797) was the 787th Dreamliner to be delivered.
Rolls-Royce says it is overcoming issues with the Trent 1000 which have caused disruption for Dreamliner operators in recent years.
Smaller operators such as TUI also operate 787s. This 787-9, G-TUIM (c/n 62742), is pictured at Manchester in February 2019.
The 787’s modern flight deck is praised by its operators.