Air International 2019-04
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More than 70 airlines now operate the three Boeing 787 variants, the 787-8 depicted here as well as the larger 787-9 and 787-10.
Singapore Airlines was the first to introduce the third Dreamliner version, the 787-10.
Virgin Atlantic Airways 787-9 G-VCRU (c/n 37972) captured on departure from Heathrow.
Qantas flies its 787-9s on routes including Perth-Heathrow, the first direct air service between Australia and Europe.
China Southern Airlines 787-9 B-1168 (c/n 38797) was the 787th Dreamliner to be delivered.
Rolls-Royce says it is overcoming issues with the Trent 1000 which have caused disruption for Dreamliner operators in recent years.
Smaller operators such as TUI also operate 787s. This 787-9, G-TUIM (c/n 62742), is pictured at Manchester in February 2019.
The 787’s modern flight deck is praised by its operators.
Leonardo's nine-seat, eight-tonne AW609 tiltrotor is one of the most unusual-looking aircraft around.
Lifting and hovering like a helicopter then transitioning to forward flight like a conventional fixed-wing aircraft gives the AW609 potential in various applications.
N609TR, wearing its previous colour scheme, photographed during a demonstration flight at Heli Expo in 2014.
In search and rescue configuration the AW609's pressurised cabin allows space for medical personnel to administer treatment to patients in either the single or dual stretcher configurations.