Air International 2019-04
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Merlin HC4 ZJ121/E lifts off the flight deck on its return to Yeovilton. The nose marking applied to each of the 845 Squadron Merlin HC4s reminded everyone of the call sign and no doubt prowess.
Four Merlin HC4s on HMS Queen Elizabeth's flight deck prior to their departure back to Royal Naval Air Station Yeovilton.
The original Tornado GR squadron, IX(B) has an illustrious history which goes back to December 1914 when it was formed at St Omer, France with BE 2s. During World War Two, IX(B) Squadron Lancaster bombers sunk the German battleship, the Tirpitz in Tromso Fjord, Norway. During the squadron’s Tornado years, IX(B) participated in many combat operations throughout southwest Asia. It is, and always will be, the best bomber squadron in the Royal Air Force.
A Tornado GR4 on patrol over Iraq in 2007 during Operation Telic.
Kandahar airfield, Afghanistan. A 31 Squadron Tornado GR4 loaded with a Paveway IV precision-guided munition and a RAPTOR pod under preparation for a night time mission during Operation Herrick.
To mark the Tornado GR's retirement from RAF service, paint crews at RAF Marham painted aircraft ZG752 in the colour scheme originally applied to all Tonkas when the type entered service in 1980. The aircraft's spine features a crest of each and every RAF unit that operated the Tornado GR.
Tornado walk. Twelve Tornado GR4s taxi down runway 19 at RAF Marham on February 28, 2019 following the nine-ship flypasts at RAFC Cranwell and Marham. This was the final day of RAF Tornado operations from RAF Marham.
Hercules C4 ZH868 trails a second Herk in the golden light of an English afternoon.
Hercules C4 ZH868 air drops cargo bundles at low-level on the Salisbury Plain Training Area.
Heading out on a mission from Brize Norton, Hercules C4 ZH866. This shot shows the antenna array fitted to the underside fuselage of this aircraft, a fit that appears on other RAF Herks.
The RAF will eventually operate a fleet of 13 Hercules C4s once all Hercules C5 models are retired. This aircraft, Hercules C5 ZH886 has been sold to Bangladesh.
Aerial refuelling Herky style.