Air International 2014-04
M.Broadbent - Weather Sentinels /Technology/
NASA’s RQ-4s routinely operate at up to 62,300ft (19,989 m) on HALE missions.
A NASA RQ-4A landing at Edwards AFB, California, after completing a mission over the Atlantic Ocean as part of HS3.
NASA’s two Global Hawks on the ground at Edwards AFB.
One of the two NASA RQ-4s operating at altitude.
NASA Goddard support scientist Patrick Selmer installs cables during the installation of the Cloud Physics Lidar into a NASA Global Hawk for the HS3 mission.
The Scanning High-Resolution Interferometer Sounder system, used for the HS3 mission, mounted on the bottom of a NASA RQ-4A.
A tropical storm as seen during a HS3 Mission.