Air International 2014-04
M.Broadbent - Sharklets & Scimitars /Technology/
Tests using the DLR’s A320-232 Advanced Technology Research Aircraft found vortex generators underneath the aircraft eliminated two noise tones.
For low-fare airlines, like Jetstar, minimising costs is especially important.
A Sharklet-equipped Air France A320ceo coming into land at Amsterdam-Schiphol.
Lufthansa’s A320ceos are now receiving both Sharklets and the DLR-developed vortex generators.
Spanish budget airline Vueling was the first European carrier to introduce Sharklets on its A320ceos.
Tigerair was one of the first airlines to go for the 'production retrofit’ option to install Sharklets on its A320ceos.
AirAsia was the first airline to fit Sharklets to its A320ceos.
An artist's impression of how the Aviation Partners Boeing Split Scimitar Winglet will look on a Thomson Airways Boeing 737-800.
Boeing and Airbus are both seeking fuel savings with their efficiency improvements to the 737NG and A320ceo.
Boeing is working on a number of structural and systems improvements to the 737NG to reduce its fuel burn.
Blended Winglets on a line-up of KLM Boeing 737-800s.