Air International 2015-10
G.Warner - Policing Ireland /Paramilitary/
Although based near Dublin, the equipment in EC135T2+ serial 272, including an NVG mode modification and extra endurance, mean it can operate anywhere in the Irish Republic.
The GASU is a joint Garda/lrish Air Corps unit and is jointly controlled by the IAC at Baldonnel and Garda HQ in Phoenix Park, above which EC135 272 is seen.
EC135 serial 256, pictured at Baldonnel, was delivered to the Garda Air Support Unit in 2002.
The mission commander sat at his station in EC135 272 on a night flight over Dublin. From his Martin-Baker swivelling seat the commander controls the moving map display and the communications suite.
The crew must synthesise the information provided by the sensors as well as watching surrounding airspace and co-ordinating with Garda officers on the ground.