Air International 2015-10
R.Niccoli - Tornado Transformed /Military/
During Operation Unified Protector in May 2011 a Tornado IDS RET.6 from 6° Stormo armed with two GBU-32(V)/B JDAMs, two AIM-9L Sidewinders and two BOZ-102 chaff and flare dispensers departs Trapani-Birgi.
A Tornado ECR RET.8 (foreground) and a Tornado IDS RET.7 from 6° Stormo at the 50° Stormo base of Piacenza-San Damiano in January 2015.
Tornado ECR RET.8 ‘50-01 ’ from 50° Stormo taken at Piacenza-San Damiano in January 2015 before a training flight. This aircraft is one of 15 ECRs upgraded under the RET.8 contract.
The AMI’s Tornado fleet is maintained at 1° RMV's depot Cameri where this Tornado ECR RET.8 from 50° Stormo was photographed.
One of the first MLU Tornado ECRS delivered to the 50° Stormo taking off from Piacenza-San Damiano. The ECR MLU is distinguishable by the MMR’s white antennas fitted to the sides of the fin.
The RecceLite pod, introduced on the Italian Tornado during the first phase of the MLU, is seen here carried by a 6° Stormo Tornado IDS RET.7 taxiing at Ghedi.
Two GBU-32(V)/B JDAMs being loaded to a Tornado IDS at Trapani-Birgi air Base in May 2011, during NATO air operations over Libya.